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Tests Commonly Performed During an Eye Exam


Regular eye exams play a crucial role in maintaining healthy eyes for life. In this post, Dr. Gregory Johnson and …

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The Proper Use and Care of Contacts


In last month’s blog post about preserving eye health and clear vision, Dr. Gregory Johnson and the team at Intracoastal …

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Why Eye Exams Are Important for People with Diabetes


Diabetes increases your risk for several serious eye conditions. You should get eye exams regularly because early detection of these …

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How to Find the Right Frames for Your Face


For some people, eyeglasses are just another accessory. For others, they’re a necessity. It doesn’t matter whether glasses are a …

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Why Quality Sunglasses Are Essential for Your Eye Health


Are you a die-hard Wayfarers fan, Risky Business style, or more of a classic Aviators enthusiast going for Top Gun …

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Why Regular Eye Exams are Essential


You visit your family doctor regularly. You faithfully see your dentist twice a year. But what about regular eye exams? …

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Summer Eye Protection Tips


Living in Wilmington, NC has its advantages, but as we delve into the heat of summer our eyes may not …

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