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How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters Affecting Your Vision


Eye floaters going in and out of your field of vision can be more than a minor annoyance. Some people …

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Reduce Your Risk of Losing Vision to Diabetic Eye Disease


If you have diabetes, you may already be aware that it can cause complications that affect the health of your …

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Study Suggests Exercise May Prevent Eye Disease


A recent study finds that regular exercise, in addition to its many other benefits, may boost eye health. Dr. Gregory …

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Understanding the Basic Anatomy of the Eye


You use your eyes nearly every waking moment of the day. But have you ever stopped to consider the many …

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Your Eyesight After 40


As you approach your 40th birthday, you have probably noticed the effects of aging on your skin, hair and waistline. …

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Is Your Smartphone’s “Dark Mode” Better for Your Eyes?


If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, you may want to stop and consider your sleep habits. …

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Swimming Pool Eye Safety Tips


Nothing beats the allure of a shimmering swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. But before you dive in, make …

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How to Prevent Foggy Glasses When Wearing a Mask


One of the most critical steps we can take to slow the transmission of COVID-19 is to wear cloth masks …

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Are Eyelash Growth Serums Safe for Your Eyes?


You may have heard of the popular eyelash lengthening serum Latisse, but chances are, you are not familiar with the …

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Common Vision Changes That Can Affect Night Driving


Driving, particularly at night or in low light conditions, requires excellent visual function. You need not only good visual acuity …

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