Summer Eye Protection Tips


Living in Wilmington, NC has its advantages, but as we delve into the heat of summer our eyes may not agree. Between allergens, salt water, chlorinated pools and bright sun, summer can be a virtual danger zone for your precious peepers. Enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle is still in the cards, but as the temperatures rise be sure to take the proper steps to protect your peepers. While it can be easy to take them for granted, our eyes need as much TLC as our skin during the hot summer months. Follow these summer eye protection tips for an enjoyable and healthy 2017 summer.

Wear Sun Protection
Wearing proper sun protection is essential all year long, but it’s especially important during the spring and summer months. Believe it or not, burnt corneas are seen throughout emergency rooms from May to September. Prevent this dangerous and painful health risk by investing in some quality sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Wear a wide brimmed hat, especially while at the beach or on the boat. This double coverage protects the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which can be a hot spot for skin cancer.

Wear Protection While Playing Sports
Beach volleyball, softball and golf are all popular summer sports.  Not only is it a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun while playing, but protection from debris is crucial. Anyone who has experienced sand or dirt in their eyes knows that it can be extremely uncomfortable. More than that, it’s dangerous and has the potential to cause long term damage. The ball involved in these beloved pastimes can be hazardous as well. The rule of thumb here is the smaller the ball, the bigger the chance for injury so be sure to come prepared!

Don’t Forget Your Googles
Plan to safeguard your eyes from bacteria in the water and harmful chemicals in swimming pools by wearing protective swim goggles. Because sunlight reflects off the water, it’s a good idea to invest in goggles with UV protection as well. And don’t forget your water-loving little ones. Teaching them to care for their eye health at a young age sets future good habits.

Drink Enough Water
Summertime increases our chances of dehydration. Add to that a trip to the beach, or a busy day in the garden and it can really affect your eyes. Serious dehydration inhibits the body’s ability to produce tears, which can lead to uncomfortable dry eye or other serious issues. Drinking plenty of water will prevent and even reverse the side effects of dehydration.

Get Allergy Treatments
For allergy sufferers, spring and summer in North Carolina can wreak havoc on the eyes. Talk to your family doctor about an allergen regime that works best for you. While oral medication or nasal sprays can work wonders, during the heavy allergy seasons an eye drop may be required as well.

Go to Sleep at a Decent Hour
For optimal eye health, getting the required eight hours of sleep every night is important. Lack of sleep contributes to decreased visual awareness and can contribute to dry eyes. In addition, people suffering from lack of sleep tend to rub their eyes more, which can lead to the exposure of harmful irritants.

Taking a proactive approach to your eye care during the summer will minimize your need for professional eye care and can prevent serious damage. While we love to see you at Intracoastal Eye, less time in the doctor’s office means more time enjoying the surf and sun. Happy summer!